Notre Savoir-Faire

Notre Savoir-Faire

The Vicard wood drying process is 100% natural and takes place on our wood yard stretching almost eight hectares.

This 100% natural drying process was implemented intentionally by the Group. It allows the relative humidity of the wood to drop gradually and more efficiently, while ridding the staves of their harsher, more astringent tannins. Rain leaching and drying in the open air also encourage the development of aroma precursors, which are essential for the toasting process.

This quality policy is backed up by highly conclusive tasting sessions and oenological results.

The maturing of the staves lasts 24 to 36 months depending on the origin and grain type of the oak. To strengthen traceability, each pallet is identified by a barcode containing all the information relating to the wood batch.

This mastery of the drying process, which owes itself to the size of the yard and the analytical skills of the Vicard Group, guarantee a superior quality of cask.





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