Notre Savoir-Faire

Notre Savoir-Faire

The oak supplies for the Vicard cooperage have three origins: French oak and border countries (sessile and pedunculate species), American oak (white oak species) and oak of Eastern Europe (sessile species).

Each origin provides specific oenological results and the role of the cooper is to bring solutions to fit the needs of customers. We therefore offer a wide range of products with an analysis of the wood species as their starting point.

French oak and bordering countries accounts for 75% of total volume, American white oak 20% and oak of Eastern Europe 5%.

Most of our supplies come from the forests of Centre France, Allier and north-east France. Vicard barrels quality is the result of a policy that focuses to the quality of the oaks grain. Today, tight grains tank of the forest massifs (regarding the necessary qualities and diameters for the manufacture of the merrains) is in the process of giving out.

Therefore, to ensure a regular and consistent quality all of its products, Tonnellerie Vicard extends his purchases in the forests of the border countries belonging to the same massive as French forests. There is evidence that French oak and border massifs forests’ have aromatic properties and physico-chemical in common.

These characteristics, as well as the maintenance of grain quality will explain the French forests meeting with the border countries under a single label "French oak and border countries."
90% comes from French forests and 10% from neighbouring countries (See the map below).

The Vicard Group has one staveyard: Merrains du PĂ©rigord, offering total capacity of 4,000 m3 of stavewood. This yard ensures that procurement is secure and traceability controlled.
This self-procurement strategy covers 90% of total consumption and is a huge asset in terms of the quality of our raw materials.







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