On January 22nd 2010, VICARD Cooperage invited customers to attend the impressive work of the oaks cut in a parcel acquired in the prestigious forest of Berce in the Sarthe, France. 

The purpose of this day was the discovery and sharing of unknown part of VICARD activity, despite its importance and its fantastic side. In this way, everyone could attend
pruning (action of cutting oak branches), cutting and unlading. The pruner work, real Acrobat, will remain without doubt in the memories. It will be the same for the noise and for the earthquake produced by the cut of the oak.
Fun and educational vocation, this event has enabled
our buyer to explain his wood purchase “on standing” or “on road edge” and the estimation and the oak parts choices.
The wood purchase Director of Vicard Cooperage also could explain and clarify policy group,
focusing on quality grains, control of purchases as well as the desire to auto-supplying. Mr Jean VICARD by its thorough explanations, his knowledge of oak and his experience, answered to queries raised by the curiosity of the Assembly.

Two members of the Forest National Office honoured us by taking part in this day and by intervening on general policy and on the work of the Forest National Office as well as the specific features of the forest of Bercé.

To end this day with a flourish, the visit of a “cathedral forest” has given a religious aspect, by calm, height and density of this place through time.

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