Nos Atouts

Nos Atouts

Although Vicard has always upheld the sense of tradition in our open-air wood drying and maturing process, technological innovation has for a long time been at the heart of the company’s philosophy. The aim is to progress in three key domains: quality, economy of materials, and the environment.


The use of granules to fuel the toasting process is a huge asset in terms of flame control.

The granules are made of dry, very dense sawdust which provides a much better calorific value than chippings. The homogeneity that comes with their density, dryness and shape results in a more regular, more even, better-controlled flame. The quality of the toast is inextricably linked to the quality of the combustible. This innovation has resulted in more precise work and a wider variety of profiles.

This operation takes less than five minutes and leaves the barrel clean and neutral thanks to the steam.

Heating the barrel with steam offers several advantages:
Firstly, the wood fibres relax and soften more easily and more quickly. Bending can then be performed without any mechanical problems because unlike with the traditional method, the outside of the barrel, which is the most fragile when the wood fibres are stretched, is heated and is therefore easier to work with.
As a result, the toast is better controlled. Compared with traditional pre-toast methods, we avoid the start of molecular transformation of the fibres during the bending process and we achieve better homogeneity.


This assembly of the cask bottoms offers perfect tightness using just one material: wood.

Using grooved parts assembled together by pressure, this innovation provides perfect tightness without using glue or any other foreign bodies. In this way, health and food risk is reduced in comparison with the traditional technique using wood pins and cord between the parts.
Vicard has patented this new process.

Vicard invested in specific equipment comprising two cameras and a laser. This system has no equivalent.

When the grain of the wood is very straight, it can be sawn. The squared oak is cut with a band saw fitted with a carriage in order to ensure the best possible quality of stavewood.
The two cameras placed at either end of the quartered timber provide information about the direction of the grain.
The laser complements the role of the cameras because it gives a view of the sawing pattern required.  The sawing operation is therefore optimum.
This tool is indispensable for the quality of stavewood, but the expertise and the eye of the operator are just as crucial.






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