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TV Appearance

Jean-Charles Vicard, PDG/CEO Groupe Vicard
Jean-Charles Vicard, PDG/CEO Groupe Vicard

The documentary film "Voyage en Bande" was broadcast at the end of November on the Voyage channel. The latter explores the Bordeaux vineyards and its surroundings through the eyes of Corbeyran, author of the “Châteaux Bordeaux” comics.

Jean-Charles Vicard, CEO of the cooperage, will appear in the second volume of the successful comic book. He was therefore invited to speak about the impact of wood on wine and more particularly Eggonum, half-wood, half-stainless-steel egg, of which he is the inventor. He was accompanied by consultant Olivier Dauga and Jean-François Fonteneau, owner of the Gros Caillou estate in Saint-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens (near Saint-Emilion).