Casks and Tanks

Mastery of wood

Whether a tank for fermentation or maturation, the Vicard Group remains, to this day, one of the world leaders in the art of large format French oak tank and cask production. Following a lineage of six generations of artisanal expertise, each large format is subject to a rigorous wood selection, undergoes 100% natural air-drying and is hand-crafted to the winemakers specifications.


  • Capacities: from 10 to 110 hL
    Use of square-edged staves
  • Above 110hL: Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can make truncated cone-shaped tanks larger than the indicated capacities.
    Use of unedged staves
  • For any shipment by container, maximum capacity 60hL
  • Origin: French oak
  • Toasts: LL or ML toast by radiant heat
  • Numerous accessories are available: doors, thermoregulation, hatches, ...
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Product benefits

  • Longevity
  • Superior product quality
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