Innovative Casks

Easy to use, Enhanced worker safety, high quality

Vicard Foudrerie has developed an innovative range of casks to enable you to work comfortably, in full elegance. On the ergonomic cask (cylindrical-tronconical) and the Ovonum (cylindrical egg shape cask), all drains, service valves and bung hole are in the front of the cask, enhancing worker safety and efficiency.

Discover also Eggonum, the first oak and steel vinification egg on the market. True feat of know-how, the Eggonum is a clever blend of stainless steel and French oak. Thanks to the combination of materials, the ovoid benefits from both the micro-oxygenation inherent in oak and enhanced freshness and fruit from the stainless steel.


  • Capacities :
    • Ergonomic Cask : from 10 to 110 hL on average
    • Ovonum : from 10 to 20hL
    • Eggonum : 5, 10, 19, 30hL
    N.B These capacities are not restrictive, and thanks to our expertise and our experience, we can make casks beyond the indicated capacities.
  • For any shipment by container, maximum capacity 60hL
  • Origin: French oak
  • Toast: radiant toasting L or M
  • Eggonum : Smooth interior, Removable hoops, Renewable wooden hull


Many accessories available: doors, thermoregulation, hatch, ...

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Product benefits

  • Worker comfort and safety
  • Reduces risk of overflowing
  • Solid construction
  • High quality: easy processing and cleaning
  • Economical and Ecological: time and water saving


Sitevi 2013
- Ergonomic Cask -
Distinction in the Palmarès de l’Innovation
Viteff 2013
- Ergonomic Cask -
Innovation prize

Download the summary sheet : Eggonum
Download the summary sheet : Ovonum
Download the summary sheet : Casks & Tanks