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A dedicated research unit

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The Vicard Group has formed a team of genuine professionals, dedicated to the production and implementation of these technical and unique products. Each barrel, tank or Eggonum made by the Vicard Group is a unique, personalized product that meets the specific technical requirements of our clients.

An innovative toast

Our radiant heat toasting system is inspired by the concept of Molecular Toasting® and has been used by Jean-Charles Vicard since 2001 for the production of large formats. To this day, it remains unique in the cooperage industry.

After steam bending, this toasting method uses a double cone to uniformly heat the barrel. It therefore avoids any contact between the barrel and the flame, allowing for even greater precision in our products. Two specific toast profiles are available: ML or LL.

Good to know: Our team of professionals also offer an on-site assembly or installation service.Contact us for more information