weSTAVE Mini®

The innovative alternative

WeSTAVE® is also available in “MINI” version. Each tannin potential class is available in the form of barrel inserts. Just like its big sister, the raw material is rigorously selected and subjected to our incremental molecular toasting process (gradual toast). Combining these processes allows us to adapt the toast to the raw material, and to develop reproducible aromatic expressions.

Available profiles

Low Tannin Potential selection – The terroir

ORIGINE (LTP) adds minimal tannins while offering all the benefits and complexities of oak aging. Characterized by fruity, bright notes with a focused palate.

Medium Tannin Potential Selection – Balance

SYMETRIE (MTP) offers an intermediate profile, combining structure and tension while respecting the fruit.

High Tannin Potential Selection – Structure

ENERGIE (HTP) brings an element of strength, adding structure and roundness, as well as subtle smoky notes.

Technical characteristics

  • Stave quality French oak: 100% natural air-drying for 24 months minimum
  • Dimensions: Length of 400x40 mm, thickness of 27 mm
  • 15mm hole at each end, Hole spacing: 330mm
  • Computer-controlled molecular cooking using radiant heat
  • Use in barrel or tank

The weOAK® products are subject to strict controls to ensure the reproducibility of their profiles. They meet all food safety and regulatory requirements.

Product benefits

Its contact surface is increased by 20% due to its undulated shape. Precision, uniformity and reproducibility of profiles due to selection by tannin potential, along with molecular toasting.

Each profile is also available in its Maxi version

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