Vicard Generation 7 Barrels

Barrels sorted by tannin potential

With the Vicard Generation 7 range, the group offers innovative solutions in our search for barrel uniformity and reproducibility. The molecular toasting process enabled the Vicard Group to make a huge step forward in the precision of our products. Yet there was still progress to made to perfectly control the variations found in the raw material. Research beginning in 2008, on the classification of staves according to their ellagitannin content, enabled us to reach our goal and launch the Vicard Generation 7 range.

Available profiles

Low Tannin Potential selection – The terroir

ORIGINE (LTP) adds minimal tannins while offering all the benefits and complexities of oak aging. Characterized by fruity, bright notes with a focused palate.

Medium Tannin Potential Selection – Balance

SYMETRIE (MTP) offers an intermediate profile, combining structure and tension while respecting the fruit.

High Tannin Potential Selection – Structure

ENERGIE (HTP) brings an element of strength, adding structure and roundness, as well as subtle smoky notes.

Alliance of the three profiles

PRIVILEGE is a blend of the 3 tannin profiles, bringing elegance and superb complexity.

Technical characteristics

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