Our mission

  • To partner with you in the creation of your wines: offering advice and personalised support, defining the three-way balance between the raw material, our unique toasting profiles, and your wine or alcohol.
  • Satisfying the requirement for excellence, while adhering to an eco-responsible approach.
  • Nurturing our distinctive style and preserving this innovative spirit which has carried us for six generations.

Our strengths

Vicard’s expertise (R&D)

Above all, the Vicard brand represents a strength born of experience, generational expertise, and an innovative spirit since 1925. Guided by our passion for cooperage, the Vicard family has developed a unsurpassed production line that combines technological innovations with mastery of our craft.

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Caring for the environment

Our environmentally friendly approach makes optimal use of each type of wood. Our philosophy is to provide you with the best that oak has to offer.

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Forever at the forefront

Originality and ingenuity are amongst the values integral to our brand’s DNA. They also reflect our mantra: to innovate the tradition. Our core values have ensured our reputation across the globe. Our production processes, both innovative and respectful of our heritage, allow us to develop products with a precise, uniform and consistent quality.