Our woods

100% Natural Maturation

Most of our oak is procured as squared-edged wood, coming from French and bordering forests. This raw material is selected with care by our buyers, ensuring unbeatable quality and durability.

For capacities exceeding 110 hectoliters, we also procure boules (reconstituted logs). This allow us to work with much bigger lengths of wood.

To strengthen traceability, each palette is stored and identified with a barcode containing all the information relevant to that batch of wood.

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Square-edging is when the round parts of wood from a milled log are removed (oak sliced into quarters).

  • Quarter sawing, respecting the wood’s grain
  • Thickness: 60 mm
  • PEFC® Certification
  • Natural drying in open air for a minimum of 3 years:
    • Optimal durability
    • Less risk of deformations, stave twisting & leaks
    • Maturation of the tannins, suppleness of oak & aromatic complexity
  • Available capacities:
    • From 10 to 110hL (tanks)
    • From 10 to 80hL (casks)
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Boules are the product of the first step of processing. They include all the boards obtained when a log is sawed along its length.

  • Economical (more accessible price)
  • Thickness: 54 mm
  • PEFC® Certification
  • Long lengths available
  • Sawing on the length of the log
  • Available capacities:
    • From 10 to 500hL
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