Precision and finesse with short aging

weBLOCK® is a high quality, efficient oak solution. Product designed for short aging times (≤ 6 months)

Available profiles


Complexity and mid-palate richness, sweetness, and length


Structure and aromatic impact

Technical characteristics

  • French oak and border forests
  • Dimensions: Mix of blocks of 4 to 8 cm on average
  • Average Unit Weight: ± 6 kg/bag
  • Including an infusion net. Profiles not mixed.
  • Convection toast, allowing core toasting of the product

The weOAK® products are subject to strict controls to ensure the reproducibility of their profiles. They meet all food safety and regulatory requirements.

Product benefits

  • Speed and ease of implementation
  • Optimization of the contact surface due to the blocks size
  • Reproducibility and precision of profiles
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