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weOAK®, a brand new alternatives brand to discover without further delay


In June 2018, the Vicard Group launched its new oak alternatives brand, named weOAK®

Two product lines currently exist:

  • weSTAVE 11 &17mm : Staves sorted by tannin potential, sized to meet any oenological objective. (time constraints for the first ones, gradual and lasting additions for the seconds). Three tannin potential levels available (Low, Medium, High).
  • weSTAVE.MINI: Mini Staves (Inserts) sorted by tannin potential, a makeover for your barrels. Three tannin potential levels available (Low, Medium, High).

As with all of its barrel supplies, the Vicard Group provides traceability and quality control for its weOAK® products. This strategy allows us to guarantee the precise origin of the oak which is naturally dried in open air.

For more information, visit our Alternatives section.