Ergonum®/ Ovonum®

Ergonomic, Enhanced worker safety, high quality

Vicard Foudrerie has developed an innovative range of tronconical casks to enable you to work comfortably, in full elegance.

On the Ergonum® (cylindrical-conical cask) and the Ovonum® (cylindrical egg shape cask), all drains, service valves and bung hole are in the front of the cask, enhancing worker safety and efficiency.


  • Capacities :
    • Ergonum: from 10 to 110 hL
    • Ovonum: from 10 to 50hL
    N.B These capacities are not restrictive, and thanks to our expertise and our experience, we can make Ergonums/Ovonums beyond the indicated capacities.
  • For any shipment by container, maximum capacity 60hL
  • Origin: French oak
  • Toast: radiant toasting L or M


Many accessories available: doors, thermoregulation, hatch, ...

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Product benefits

  • Worker comfort and safety
  • Reduces risk of overflowing
  • Solid construction
  • High quality: easy processing and cleaning
  • Economical and Ecological: time and water saving


Sitevi 2013
- Ergonum -
Distinction in the Palmarès de l’Innovation
Viteff 2013
- Ergonum -
Innovation prize
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